Lives Per Gallon – Interview with Terry Tamminen

by David Lemberg on August 15, 2008

in Energy and the Environment

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In the summer of 2003, Terry Tamminen helped Arnold Schwarzenegger win the historic recall election and become Governor of California. He became Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency in November 2003 and was promoted to Cabinet Secretary, Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor, in December 2004.

During his tenure with Governor Schwarzenegger, Mr. Tamminen helped launch some of the most progressive, successful, and laudable sustainable energy initiatives in the country. The environmental changes he implemented have left California a cleaner, healthier state with a cutting-edge reputation for policies that work for the good of the land and its citizens.

In August 2006, Mr. Tamminen left the Schwarzenegger administration to focus on Lives Per Gallon. Lives Per Gallon is an unblinking assessment of the true price of petroleum and a prescription for change. Will we continue paying with our health or kick our addiction and evolve beyond an oil-dependent economy?

In our wide-ranging interview, Mr. Tamminen discusses

  • Health, environmental, and national security costs hidden in every barrel of oil
  • How to hold oil and auto companies accountable and force industry reform
  • A blueprint for developing alternative energy sources based on California’s real-world experiences
  • California initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases – landmark global warming law that made California the first U.S. state to mandate a cut in greenhouse gas emissions, equal to 25% by 2020

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