Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy

by David Lemberg on August 19, 2008

in Nanotechnology

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Renewable energy – primarily in the form of solar power – may be available on a mass-produced scale within ten years or so. Nanotechnology will have a great deal to do with this breakthrough.

Nanotechnology – building very small machines from even smaller parts – is leading-edge tech at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science.

Dr. Eric D. Isaacs, Director of the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory and Professor of Physics, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago, talks about his research in our SCIENCE AND SOCIETY interview. Dr. Isaacs discusses

  • The energy crisis and the need for renewable energy sources such as solar energy
  • Nanobiology – the interface between nature and technology
  • Nanophotonics – nanoscale control of photons for use in information technology
  • Nanoscale sensors and all-optical chips

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