Dr. Thomas Horan – Personal Health Records and Health IT

by David Lemberg on January 19, 2009

in Health Care Delivery, U.S. Health Care

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Dr. Thomas Horan

Dr. Thomas Horan

Dr. Thomas Horan is Executive Director of the Claremont Information and Technology Institute and Associate Professor in the School of Information Systems and Technology at Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Horan works on a wide range of applied technology projects relating to transportation and health care.

Dr. Horan’s research interests include development and deployment of advanced information technologies and policies, including intelligent transportation systems and advanced telecommunications systems. Currently, one of Dr. Horan’s biggest projects is as Director of the Kay Center for E-Health Research, where he is working on policy issues involving personal health records.

Claremont Graduate University is one of two graduate-only universities in the U.S. Based in California, CGU has nine schools devoted to 22 fields and specializes in transdisciplinary research.

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