Democratic Enterprise – The New Economy – Dr. William Halal

by David Lemberg on January 21, 2009

in Health Care Delivery, The New Economy

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Dr. William Halal

Dr. William Halal

Dr. William Halal discusses democratic enterprise – reinventing the American economy by creating self-organizing distributed networks within corporations – as Google, Nokia, and Johnson & Johnson have done so successfully.

Dr. Halal discusses how to create a collaborative corporate community based on teams and internal self-organizing markets.

Dr. William Halal’s newest book is Technology’s Promise, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2008. Macmillan’s Encyclopedia of the Future ranked him among “The World’s 100 Most Influential Futurists,“ including H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, and Alvin Toffler. Dr. Halal is the founder of TechCast, a web-based system that pools the knowledge of experts to forecast breakthroughs in all technical fields.

Dr. Halal is Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and Innovation at George Washington University. An authority on emerging technology, strategic planning, and institutional change, Dr. Halal has worked with AT&T, the Department of Defense, the Asian Development Bank, and various government agencies. His work has appeared in journals such as Nature BioTechnology and Strategy & Business, and his articles have appeared in The New York Times, Executive Excellence, and The Futurist.

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