Wellness, Prevention, and National Health Insurance – Dr. Thomas Royer

by David Lemberg on February 2, 2009

in Health Care Public Policy, U.S. Health Care

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Dr. Thomas Royer

Dr. Thomas Royer

Dr. Thomas Royer discusses health care reform, including affordability, access, and providing basic health insurance coverage for all people in the U.S. Dr. Royer discusses wellness and prevention programs in schools and communities, staffing and funding community clinics in underserved regions, and reimbursement for physician preventive programs.

Dr. Thomas Royer is the President and CEO of CHRISTUS Health systems. Dr. Royer leads day-to-day operations for CHRISTUS Health and lends extensive expertise in developing physician partnerships and community health programs. For three years in a row, he has been named one of the top 50 Most Powerful Physician Executives in Healthcare by Modern Physician Magazine. Dr. Royer is a board-certified surgeon. His passion for patients and over 40 years of experience have made him a sought-after speaker, writer, and expert on the health care industry.

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