Heart Disease Prevention and the Mediterranean Diet – Dr. Michael Ozner

by David Lemberg on February 9, 2009

in Diabetes and Obesity, Nutrition, U.S. Health Care

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Dr. Michael Ozner

Dr. Michael Ozner

Dr. Michael Ozner, author of The Miami Mediterranean Diet, discusses heart disease prevention. The Mediterranean diet helps reduce inflammation of blood vessels supplying the heart, greatly lowering the risk of a heart attack. Dr. Ozner also discusses his new book, The Great American Heart Hoax, and the juvenile obesity and diabetes epidemics. He makes recommendations on how to get kids to start eating well and engaging in regular exercise.

Dr. Michael Ozner is the Medical Director for the Center for Prevention and Wellness at Baptist Health South Florida, and Medical Director for the Cardiovascular Prevention Institute of South Florida. He is a recipient of the 2008 American Heart Association Humanitarian Award, and has been recognized by the Consumer Council of America as one of the top physicians in America.

Dr. Ozner’s new book is The Great American Heart Hoax: Lifesaving Advice Your Doctor Should Tell You About Heart Disease Prevention (But Probably Never Will). He is the author of the best-selling The Miami Mediterranean Diet: Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease. Both books were published by BenBella Books in 2008.

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