Robots and Artificial Intelligence – Dr. Dennis Hong

by David Lemberg on December 11, 2009

in Robotics and AI, Science Education

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Dr. Dennis Hong is an Assistant Professor and the Director of RoMeLa(Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory) of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. His research expertise lies in the areas of

  • Novel robot locomotion mechanisms
  • Design and analysis of mechanical systems
  • Kinematics and robot mechanism design
  • Humanoid robots
  • Autonomous systems

He was the inventor of the three-legged walking robot ‘STriDER’ and the ‘whole skin locomotion’ inspired by amoeboid motility mechanisms.

Dr. Hong is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program Award. The five-year CAREER grant, worth more than $400,000, is the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious award for creative junior faculty who are considered likely to become academic leaders of the future.

Dr. Hong is also very passionate about advising student design competition and robot competition teams. TEAM DARwIn for RoboCup 2007 (an international autonomous robot soccer competition) where he served as the advisor, was the first and only team from the United States ever to qualify for the RoboCup humanoid division. TEAM Victor Tango for the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge (an autonomous vehicle race in the urban environment) where he served as the co-team leader, won third place with a cash award of $500,000.

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