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The New Economy

Single-Payer Health Care – Medicare for All – Geri Jenkins

February 20, 2009

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Geri Jenkins, Co-President of the California Nurses Association, discusses Single Payer / Medicare for All – An Economic Stimulus Plan for the Nation. Ms. Jenkins describes how a single-payer system would create 2.8 million jobs and more than $300 billion in new revenues to the U.S. econnomy. A single-payer [...]

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Democratic Enterprise – The New Economy – Dr. William Halal

January 21, 2009

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r. William Halal discusses democratic enterprise – reinventing the American economy by creating self-organizing distributed networks within corporations – as Google, Nokia, and Johnson & Johnson have done so successfully.
Dr. Halal discusses how to create a collaborative corporate community based on teams and internal self-organizing markets.
Dr. William Halal’s newest [...]

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