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Joy Hakim – The Study of Science

October 22, 2008

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Joy Hakim is a former journalist and the author of The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New DimensionThe Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension. Einstein Adds a New Dimension is the recipient of the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of Education/Teaching/Academic. It has [...]

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Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy

August 19, 2008

Renewable energy – primarily in the form of solar power – may be available on a mass-produced scale within ten years or so. Nanotechnology will have a great deal to do with this breakthrough.
Nanotechnology – building very small machines from even smaller parts – is leading-edge tech at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, and [...]

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Multiple Universes – Interview with Dr. Lisa Randall

August 15, 2008

Dr. Lisa Randall is Professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University and author of Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimension (2005). Warped Passages was one of The New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of 2005.
Professor Randall was recently named winner of the 2007 Julius Lilienfeld Prize of the American Physical Society [...]

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